Ye Banished Privateers Treasure box
Ye Banished Privateers Treasure box
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Our song Fisher Lass, based on a poem by Chris Wilson, is about a young man who boarded a boat and went to sea. On the beach his lover, the Fisher Lass remained, anxiously awaiting his return. But the young lad never came home. The same ocean that had given him a livelyhood had now taken his life.

During 2015, hundreds of thousands of people have ventured the Mediterranean in a desperate flight from war,
famine, and death. As you read this text, a large number of men, women, and children are struggling against the
waves in overcrowded vessels not suitable for such a hazardous journey. Many of these people will never make it
across, and without a doubt every morning will see a new Fisher Lass standing on the beach in Syria, Eritrea,
Libya and many, many more places all over the world.

You can make a difference. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, perhaps you can spare a little something for those in the greatest of need. If you are wealthy, there really are no excuses. If we can save banks, we can save people. Please turn to the UNHCR, the International Red Cross, or UNICEF, these organizations help both
refugees arriving on the beaches in Europe and those still waiting in refugee camps all over the world.

In order of trying to help making the world a safer place for a few people, we are now releasing our song Fisher Lass for purchase as a digital download or stream on most platforms. Included in this release is a live version of our Shanty Skippy Aye Yo, a song that has never been recorded before. All revenue from this release will without exception, be donated to UNHCR.

Many thanks to Duke McAbre who generously donated his time
and talent making the wonderful artwork for this


Sincerely, Ye Banished Privateers